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Discover the town of Quimper in Finistère (29) and its not-to-be-missed activities

Appart'Hôtel Quimper - Finistère (29)
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When it comes to leisure activities, the Appart’Hôtel Quimper residence offers a wide range of excursions and leisure activities for families, friends or lovers. Ideally located close to Quimper town centre in Brittany, you can discover a wide range of activities for a weekend, a stay or during your holiday.

Quimper, Finistère’s Capital of Art and History!

Only a 2-minute walk separates Quimper’s pedestrianised historic centre from the Appart Hôtel residence, equipped with all the comforts for a convenient stay. Quimper, whose name means “Confluence” in Breton, has been awarded the “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” (City of Art and History) label thanks to its renowned historical heritage.

A typically Breton getaway

Close to Vannes, stay in our accommodation in the heart of the capital of ancient Cornouaille, in the Breton tradition renowned for its quality of life. The town was split in two for a very long time in the Middle Ages: the bishop took the left bank of the Steïr with the cathedral and had ramparts built there, the Duke took the right bank and had his castle built there.

Make the most of a weekend in Brittany to wander around this city, which subtly blends tradition and modernity with its cobbled streets and timber-framed houses. The centre of this peaceful town can be visited fairly quickly: you’ll need just ten minutes to walk to the Gothic monuments, including Saint-Corentin Cathedral.

Don’t miss the Pointe du Raz, the museum-village of Locronan or the fish market in the port of Guilvine, which is full of interest and charm. It’s also home to major cultural sites such as the Théâtre de Cornouaille and the Centre d’Art Contemporain.

In the evening, walk along the flower-filled banks of the 16km-long Odet and find a crêperie where you can sample Quimper’s famous crêpe dentelle. Considered “the most beautiful river in France”, the Odet offers a whole range of natural and architectural beauty, with its manor houses and châteaux of Brittany. Finally, take another stroll from Place au Beurre to Place Terre au Duc, via Rue Kéréon, to discover the old illuminated town centre. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted to discover Quimper’s famous biscuit factory, less than 1 km from our Appart’Hôtel, in the Locmaria district.
Quimper is not only a city of art, history and water, it is also a city of gardens, with a total of 310 hectares throughout the city: the garden of the retreat, the garden of peace, the garden of the Max Jacob theatre, the garden of the priory (labelled a remarkable garden), Mont Frugy, the Saint-Laurent valley…. An incredible choice for lovers of nature and quiet walks.

Visits not to be missed in Quimper :

  • Saint-Corentin Cathedral
  • Breton Departmental Museum
  • The Quimper “touch”: Vives earthenware, Breton bowls…
  • The Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Odet, the most beautiful river in France, flows through Quimper
  • Locmaria: Quimper’s historic district
  • The Quimper Biscuit Factory

The Cornouaille Festival, in the heart of Quimper

Every July for 6 days, the Cornouaille Kemper Festival takes place, attracting 250,000 visitors every year. Located in the historic heart of Quimper, our Appart’Hotel is perfectly placed for accommodation during this festival.

Discover Brittany around the residence, a region rich in heritage. There are many picturesque, flower-filled villages to discover, just a stone’s throw from the Appart’Hôtel Quimper holiday residence. You can also visit the various gardens, including the Jardin de la Retraite, Jardin de la Paix and Jardin du Théâtre Max Jacob. During your trip to the south of Finistère, discover the sites offering gastronomic specialities from Breton lobster to buckwheat galettes.

You can also swim at one of the many beaches in the area, or visit the various châteaux. All these sites are within an hour’s drive of the Appart-Hôtel Quimper residence.

Picturesque places not to be missed during your stay:

Must-see map
  • Benodet 25 minutes away
  • Douarnenez 25 minutes away
  • Concarneau 30 minutes away
  • Pointe du Raz 1 heure away
  • Le Guilvinec 40 minutes away
  • Pont l’abbe 20 minutes away
  • Locronan 20 minutes away
  • Pont Aven 30 minutes away
  • La Cornouaille

Festivals not to be missed :

  • Cornouaille Festival in juillet in Quimper
  • Les Semaines musicale festival in July in Quimper
  • Cyber fest-noz festival in July in Quimper
  • Fest-deiz and fest-noz festival in July in Quimper
  • Mondial Folk Festival in August 30 minutes away
  • Les Vielles Charrues Festival 50 minutes away
  • Poupet Festival 50 minutes away
  • Festival le Scopitone 50 minutes away

The châteaux in Finistère near our flats in Quimper are strongly marked by the medieval wars, and are still part of the Brittany landscape. These high points in the region’s turbulent history are the Château du Taureau, the Manoir de Kernault, the Château de Kergroadez…

Museums and visits not to be missed :

  • National Maritime Museum 50 minutes away
  • Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, 1 hour and 20 minutes away
  • The Route des Fortifications 50 minutes away
  • Bigourdan Museum 20 minutes away
  • Breton Departmental Museum 7 minutes away
  • Musée de l’Amiral 40 minutes away
  • Le Port-Musée 30 minutes away
  • Finistère Prehistory Museum 30 minutes away
  • Musée des Bord de Mer 20 minutes away

Castles of Finistère :

  • Château du Taureau 1 hour and 20 minutes away
  • Manoir de Kernault 35 minutes away
  • Kerouzéré Castle, 1 hour and 10 minutes away
  • La Maison des Jeux Bretons, 25 minutes away
  • Domaine de Trévirez 30 minutes away
  • Domaine de Lanniron 10 minutes away

Religious buildings worth a visit :

  • Saint-Maurice Abbey 40 minutes away
  • Daoulas Abbey 35 minutes away

Would you like to spend a day with the family discovering the many species of animals near the Appart’Hôtel Quimper residence? Find below the different animal parks and zoos in the Finistère region.

Animal & Botanical Parks :

  • Parc Animalier La Pommeraie 1 hour away
  • Océanopolis 50 minutes away
  • Océ’âne 50 minutes away
  • Concarneau Marinarium 30 minutes away
  • Pont Scorff Zoo 50 minutes away
  • Marinarium 30 minutes away

Amusement parks :

  • Ty Circus 10 minutes away
  • Aquarive leisure pool 10 minutes away
  • Odet Loisirs 20 minutes away
  • La Récré des Trois curé 1 hour away
  • Peninsula Labyrinth 50 minutes away
  • Bel Air Leisure Park
  • Djoomba Land 20 minutes away

Local products :

As you stroll through the region, you’ll discover local produce and gourmet Breton cuisine, developed over the course of many traditions. From seafood (Breton lobster…) to the “Kim ha fars” stew, not forgetting the andouille of Baye, you’ll discover all the local specialities.

Taste the unadulterated flavour of short circuits and the bounty of a region that’s sure to delight gourmets! Cidre AOP de Cornouille accompanies the oysters of Bélon, the culinary jewel of the Pays de Quimperlé, where many festivals and events are organised around these products.

A little dessert? Philomène’s macaroons, the famous crêpes with caramel and salted butter, Locronan’s Kouign amant, and liqueurs made from walnuts, blueberries and raspberries are all to be savoured during your stay… South Finistère has a gourmet and epicurean nature that’s not to be missed!

Gourmet Markets :

In Quimper, the local farmers’ markets held every Sunday morning have become a regular feature of the town centre. Local produce, refreshment stands, crêpes and tables set up to enjoy your purchases make these markets pure festive moments!

  • Île-Tudy market on Monday mornings, 15 minutes away
  • Combrit Market on Wednesdays 10 minutes away
  • Fouesnant market, Wednesdays 10 minutes away
  • Pont-l’Abbé market on Wednesdays 20 minutes away
  • Guengat Market on Thursday afternoons 10 minutes away
  • Briec market on Fridays, 15 minutes away
  • Benodet market on Mondays, 10 minutes away

Enjoy a break in South Finistère full of excitement and thrills! There are plenty of activities on offer during your holiday, so you can work off your energy in the heart of nature while discovering the magnificent countryside. The best way to spend an unforgettable holiday and come back with plenty of memories during your stay in Appart’Hôtel Quimper accommodation.

Water sports :

  • Les Balneides Aquatic Centre 20 minutes away
  • Aquarive in Quimper
  • Ports of call Finist’Mer shipping company 1 hour and 15 minutes away
  • Thalasso Corcarneau 30 minutes away 1 hour and 15 minutes away
  • Club de Char à Voile in Saint Nic 40 minutes away
  • Wise Up Surf Cool in Plomeur 20 minutes away
  • Scuba diving in Audierne 40 minutes away
  • Jet Ski Aquatiko in Loctudy 30 minutes away
  • Flyboard Sensations in Fouesnant 20 minutes away

Outdoor activities :

  • Introduction to Breton dances in Pouldreuzic, 30 minutes away
  • Cycle tourism on the cider route in Benodet, 20 minutes away
  • Horse riding in Plogonnec, 15 minutes away
  • Laser Game and Archery 50 minutes away
  • Cornouaille Golf Course in La Forêt-Fouesnant 20 minutes away
  • Bonobo Parc in Quimper
  • Bel Air leisure park 30 minutes away
  • Benodet Casino 20 minutes away
  • Tennis in Pluguffan 10 minutes away

Aerial activities :

  • Paragliding in Plomodiern, 30 minutes away
  • ULM in Pluguffan 15 minutes away

Hiking trails, cycling circuits, forests, botanical gardens… These places of wonder and discovery during your family holiday or romantic break in South Finistère will delight young and old alike. Discover all the remarkable parks and gardens close to our residence in the heart of Quimper.

Walks and Hikes in Quimper :

  • 10 km walk in the valley of Kermabeuzen
  • 30-minute walk to Pouldeuzic
  • 10 km walk to discover Quimper and its two rivers
  • 30-minute walk to L’Étang de Trunvel
  • 10 km tour of Luzon and the banks of the Odet
  • 10 km circuit from L’Odet to Gorges du Stangala
  • Nature walk at Fleurs des prés on the Polder de Comprit, 20 minutes away

Gardens, moors and forests :

  • Jardin de la Retraite 5 minutes away
  • Domaine de Boutiguery 20 minutes away
  • Théâtre Max Jacob garden, 10 minutes away
  • Locmaria Priory Garden, 10 minutes away
  • 50 minutes from the Conservatoire Botanique National
  • Jardin Botanique des Montagnes in Spezet 40 minutes away
  • Arboretum des Arbres du Monde, Huelgoat 40 minutes away
  • Moulin Neuf public garden, 30 minutes away
  • Grottes Marines de Morgat 30 minutes away

Wild and authentic, Quimper opens up its vast natural spaces to you, as you discover its colourful folk traditions. Cradled by the sea and the light, Cornouaille is a little paradise for families, sports enthusiasts and all lovers of beauty and sweet delicacies, with some of the most beautiful island beaches in Finistère.

Beaches near Quimper :

  • Bénodet beach 20 minutes away
  • Maner beach 30 minutes away
  • Trevignon beach 30 minutes away
  • Pointe du Raz 1 hour away
  • Plage du Kérou 40 minutes away
  • Plage Valérie 40 minutes away
  • Plage du Ris 25 minutes away
  • Pors-Carn beach 30 minutes away

The surrounding islands :

  • Ile de Sein 1 hour and 10 minutes away
  • Crozon peninsula 40 minutes away
  • Island of Fouesnant
  • Île Vierge
  • Île-Tudy 20 minutes away
  • Kermor beach 20 minutes away